Eat, Play, Sleep – Da Nang

Places visited: Da Nang, Hoi An

Travellers often seek to cross borders and break your own comfort zone but that’s usually not the case when you are travelling with your family. My family and I all wanted a relaxing and hassle-free beach holiday and Da Nang seemed to check all the boxes; crystal clear water, blue sky and beautiful tropical palm trees so off we went!


To See & Do

Hoi An – a beautiful and well-preserved old town about an hour away from Da Nang, this place is a very photogenic and such a delightful place to visit. We only spent a day trip in Hoi An but evenings there are apparently very pretty with the town coming even more alive under those colourful lanterns.

Son Tra (Monkey Moutain) – the resort we stayed is built on Son Tra so we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the gorgeous view from the mountain every day throughout our stay. But even if you are not staying at this mountain, you still should pay the Son Tra a visit as the scenery from the hill is just breathtaking. 

To Eat & Drink

Seafood – being a beach town situated right on the coast of the Eastern Sea makes Da Nang a legendary town for its seafood offerings! There are so many seafood restaurants along the Pham Van Dong Street for you to choose from but remember you must check the price before you order because usually prices are not printed on the menus at seafood restaurants there.

To Stay

We chose the Intercontinental Resort this time and the experience was sensational! The resort is nestled on the beautiful Son Tra Moutain (a.k.a the Monkey Mountain). Although the location is a little bit inconvenient if you want to go to town often, but the resort offers many activities from basket boat fishing, paddle boarding to trekking and we were happily “trapped” inside the resort. They also got some amazing wooden escalators that can take you from the reception area to the beach and it’s super fun to be on it. The thought of deliberately leaving something behind at the beach so that I can take the escalator again did come across my mind a few times…


Best time to travel to Da Nang is March to May when the weather is not too hot and do try to avoid September to December as that’s the rainy season in Da Nang.

Time flies when you are having fun. I will definitely plan for a longer trip when I go back to Da Nang next time. If you are looking for places to spend some quality family time, Da Nang is definitely a good point of entry especially if you also live in Hong Kong as there are direct flights operated by a few different airlines, and the journey is less than two hours 🙂


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