Mykonos hotel

The Colour of Mykonos

Places visited: Little Venice, The Windmill, Mykonos Town (aka Hora)

Losing my previous blog gives me another chance to re-write all the blog posts that I have written previously and this particular one about Mykonos has made me feel excited about the most. The Greek islands are my favourite places to visit in the summer for all the obvious reasons – beautiful white houses against the volcanic landscape resting beside the alluring Aegean Sea… hmm…

dsc02506dsc02498img_2461Santorini or Mykonos?

I went to Santorini 4 years ago and fell in love instantly with the head-turner white houses and how they were contrasted with the turquoise blue seawater. Many including myself struggle between whether they should visit Mykonos or Santorini first. I would say they are both incredibly beautiful islands but Mykonos offers nicer beaches and better nightlife while Santorini has better sunset views and gives you that extra romantic feeling.

My recommendation would be go to Mykonos with your friends especially if you fancy spending your days at the beach and partying and go to Santorini with you other half because watching the sun dancing off the ocean at Oia and Fia is something that every couple should experience together at least once in their lifetime. If you still can’t make up your mind which island is for you, you can actually visit both by ferry and the journey is just about 3 hours.

 To See & Do

Get lost in those narrow cobblestone lanes – Wandering around the island is probably the best thing to do when in Mykonos as every turn promises a surprise.

Visit the Panagia Paraportiani – The oldest church in the town of Mykonos, we walked pass this church on our way to the Windmill from the Old Port, it’s a neat little church perched on the edge of the beautiful blue sea.

Visit the hilltop Windmill – Let’s keep this short, it will make your Pinterest dream comes true and it is also the place where my passionate love affair with Mykonos begins!

Party party party – The island is actually a popular place for beach parties (parties start at 4 pm! Wink wink). I went there with my family so I didn’t really get to experience that but do check out Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach in the evening if you looking for some quality party times!

Beach all day – Pack a book or two and a bottle of Rose, head to the Paraga Beach and stay there until the sun goes. One can never have too much beach right?

dsc02514dsc02523To Stay

We picked a place called Colours of Mykonos after some serious research cause hotels in Mykonos can get quite pricey during the summer season but we managed to find this cute little boutique hotel situated just less than 2 miles away from the Mykonos Town. The closest beach to the hotel is the Ornos Beach which is about 15 minutes walk but if you are not a fan of walking, the hotel also offers free transportation to and from beaches but you will need to let the reception lady (she’s super friendly) know in advance. Probably because the location of the hotel is a little bit off the main attractions hence we were the only guests there but I am not complaining cause we had the amazing swimming pool and those ultra-comfy sunbeds all to ourselves.

IMG_2437.JPGDSC02408.JPGTo Eat

Being a seaside town, Mykonos offers a good selection of seafood, we went to an outdoor restaurant called Kavos (happened to be the first place I went in Greece) and we had a delightful meal right next to the edge of the sea. They do quality meat skewers and gyros too if you don’t like seafood. DSC02489.JPG


The island itself is pretty easy to get around so the only tip I have for you is hop on a plane now to Greece and experience this glamour island before it gets too populated by tourists (like myself…)!

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